Financial Inclusion – At the 7th rung

Pakistan is ranked 7th in the enabling environment for financial inclusion*. In a country where less than 15% people have become banked in 65 years, the ranking is enigmatic. The ranking shows us the readiness to enable the next 70 million. Give them an equal opportunity to connect to the banking system and access the financial services. What makes Pakistan standout in a global context? Some under-valued family jewels?

Like any business, the business of Financial Inclusion requires a stock of good and services that are to be distributed to the masses. Often these goods and services are procured, invested into and stocked for last mile delivery. However like in all business as time grows inefficiencies grow into the distribution chain and often what has been stocked is forgotten about and is left to eat dust.

Same is the case in Pakistan when it comes to financial inclusion. We have now reached a crest into our efforts for bringing into fold the under-served. What may be required now is not a blind investment into new but looking at what we already have!

The national infrastructure from National ID registrar, national payment switch to the massive biometric SIM verification network needs to be looked at again.

Finclude is doing just that and enabling the industry to take stock of strategy going forward.

You can meet the Finclude team at the 8th International Mobile Commerce Summit 2015 at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi on March 12, 2015 to learn more.

*The Economist Intelligence Unit- Global Microscope 2014

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