12th Man (Episode 2: Share your lunch)

“Sub bataa doon, haath pair kata doon !!:)” giggled a colleague from a cross functional team working with me on a project. How many times have we heard someone saying it with a smile. The expression keeps you guessing of the real intent. In any case the details were not given beyond minimum that he had to give in to get me off his back. All that in response to a simple phrase “How did you get that”?

More often than we notice, we exercise the power of knowledge to gain position of strength in our work lives. We do somethings repeatedly over and over again so those become our strength. They become a secret sauce or our performance. According to the 10,000 hour rule quoted by Malcolm Gladwell, these hours if spent makes us an expert of the trade. This passion to unlock the myth, crack the code allows us to become so called specialist of that field. We then tend to jealously guard our secret sauce. Whenever someone asks us for the sauce, it is typically given only in bite sizes good enough for them to be used for a single serving only. We make a choice of depriving others calling it tricks of the trade!.

How would have I reacted if I was put in a similar situation?, I asked myself. How would you feel if you are requested to give access to the secret sauce that has made you successful. We all as humans have insecurities and we shield ourselves with knowledge and insights that we collected over time. Knowledge gives you Power. The power to control, power to shape up the thoughts and to influence people.

What if someone ask you for the same power, your sauce to create something new for themselves. You have the choice. Power and Choice haven’t well together in history and resulted in strengthening the powerful further perpetuating their power.

Covid19 has helped us realize the true essence of choice. The choices that we made Pre- Covid, have suddenly come up for review. We though that the choices we made were sane because majority was making them. Suddenly the situation is asking us to review them again globally. From brent to branded goods, the choices are seeing a change. The important things are becoming unimportant making the prices follow a free-fall. The fear of changing the choice is looming. Adapt? Change? Revert? What about our knowledge, our secret sauce? Would that be relevant any more in the post-Covid world?

Among many other things that Covid19 has left us with is our Intellectual humility to let us all know that how little we know, even if we thought that we were specialists. This has gotten everyone realize that their knowledge and wisdom may not be completely relevant in the new normal. The definition of relevant knowledge will change and knowledge sources will change too. Knowledge would come from sources and people that were not relevant earlier. These are the 12th men, extras, crazy ones, railo kattas that have been sitting on the bench waiting for you to be given a chance.

I have found my answer and hope that my readers find it too. When asked about the secret sauce of your success the answer has to change too. Instead of guarding and asking the inquirer what would you need it for, tell your secret. Get her to promise that it needs to be told to others. This would be relevant in the new normal. Sharing would drive strength.

Share your knowledge… Share your passion… Share your lunch.

I have dedicated my time now to this new journey and help the ones that are looking to change.

For more on my new journey, you can reach me on my Work from Home calendar schedule www.calendly.com/termezy . For previous episodes in the series Episode1: Covid19 FUD

I dedicate this blog to my coaches, partners and customers who gave me the opportunity against all odds. I owe a public gratitude to all of you for giving me a chance. Without your belief in the power of diversity in your teams, I would not have been able to make it this far. I vow to continue my support to the twelfth man for I see myself in each one of you.

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