Fast-tracking your journey in tech

We train and recruit for the fast-paced world of Fintech, Ecommerce, and Logistics.

Fast-tracking your journey in tech

We train and recruit for the fast-paced world of Fintech, Ecommerce, and Logistics.

What We Do

Finclude is a specialist (fin)tech recruitment company built by engineers. Team Fincude have a front line experience in product , engineering and commercial functions so we know how challenging it is to build the right teams. We connected with the top recruiting talent and collaborated to build our recruitment services business. We offer our customers a unique combination of top tech recruitment professionals who understand the challenges of Ecommerce, Logistics and Financial services business.. We are passionate about locating the top tech talent to create finely blended teams that capitalize on the exponential growth in the Fintech sector. We staff technical, risk, and business teams for fintech. We support fintech across the growth stages in storyboarding, product development, accessing patient capital, and scaling their products and services beyond borders.

1.4 billion people in the world are financially excluded and unbanked. Currently, access to finance remains a challenge for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)s globally, especially in emerging markets. IFC estimates of upto 162 Million formal MSMEs in developing countries with a financing gpa of upto $5.2 Trillion. With new technology, there are considerable opportunities in the global financial sector to develop fintech businesses and create value in people’s lives by offering services that improve the quality of life, provide access to a better living standard, and develop inclusive channels for educational resources and employment opportunities.

Our services aim to fast-track your journey to success. We provide different strategies as part of a radical approach that focuses on giving individuals with balanced work life and developing companies through employer branding strategies to achieve the best results for all stakeholders. We follow global talent acquisition and retention standards that will help you receive recognition in the fintech ecosystem and upscale your business internationally.

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Finclude accelerates financial services innovation, helping fintech entrepreneurs with talent and market access with Staffing, Skilling, and Scaling.

Talent Trifecta

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Our Clientele

We are happy to have provided our best recruitment and consultation services to our esteemed clients.

Staffing and Retention

We assist several fintech startups, banks, and digital transformation companies in locating the top talent for engineering, business, and risk functions. We achieve this by conducting technical and psychometric assessments to find the proper engineering and business talent. We help in staffing, technology roles, business teams, global fintech sales, and product professionals worldwide. Our staffing solution assists digital financial service providers to recruit talent for engineering, risk management, and commercial roles. From finding Cofounders to junior and mid-career builders to senior and C-level executives, we’ve got you covered.
Retaining skilled resources is becoming increasingly difficult for fast-growing businesses. Our talent search services assist employers in attracting and retaining top talent. We collaborate with employers to design and implement new retention programs that align with the company’s growth objectives.

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Career Navigation & Training

Our training solutions are designed for employers and employees to develop their capabilities to deliver in the fintech ecosystem. We specialize in training programs for Compliance, Product Management, and marketing of financial services by assessing & bridging the learning gaps with the right combination of instructor-led and E-learning platforms.
Our programs have been helping fintech businesses build the delivery capability of their teams and assisting team leaders and managers to achieve their goals. As such, any of our training programs can be customized to suit the needs of our customers. We also provide detailed career advisory assessments to actualize achievable career tracks and realistic compensation.

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Story Boarding

Fintech is regarded as a closed ecosystem because it is a highly regulated industry with many apparent barriers to entry. Young entrepreneurs frequently lack the market knowledge required to create a compelling pitch. Building a successful fintech company requires strong storyboarding. Whether it’s investors, regulators, partners, or customers, an impact story is where it all starts. We use planned market briefs, entry strategies, opportunity assessment, stakeholder engagements, and product-market-fit analysis to create the most compelling pitches. Finclude’s team of hands-on practitioners can turn dreams into plausible storyboarding.

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Grant Proposal Writing

The Finclude team works hand-in-hand with fintech entrepreneurs to position their companies for impact capital and validate market assumptions by providing effective and efficient Product-Market-Fit and Market Connectivity consultation services to fill all of your grant writing needs. Raising long-term capital from international donors, grants, and impact funds is a far more effective method for implementing field trials and reinforcing the go-to-market strategy.

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Bespoke Consulting

Finclude’s recruitment specialists regularly engage with senior fintech talent and are specialized in the following verticals: Product Management, Sales & Marketing, DevOps and Engineering, Risk and Compliance, and Finance and Operations. Finclude brings specific experience obtaining turnkey regulatory approvals for fintech services in South Asian countries and worldwide.
We design coherent end-to-end strategies that can fulfill our client’s requirements and are ready to be rolled out as successful digital financial services businesses. Planning and consultation help your company in analyzing budgetary requirements and constraints while assessing crucial strategic and tactical assumptions.

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Like any business, the business of Financial Inclusion requires a stock of good and services

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Our two day DFS 2025 training workshop with Finclude had rave reviews from the industry professionals . We used Lego Serious Play to envision and create the industry future with our own hands. Learning with fun.

– Rehan Akhtar

Chief Digital Officer – Karandaaz Pakistan


I am pleased to recommend M/S Finclude for the talent management services. We have been using their services for full-time placements in our organization since April 2019.

Considering the quality of services, we intend to continue their services as per the contract terms

– Nauman Lakhani



M/S Finclude for the talent management services. We have been using their services for full-time placements in our organization since September 2019.

Considering the quality of services, we intend to continue their services as per the contract terms

– Faraz Saeed Baig

Talent Acquisition Head and Talent Head International, UBL

Recruitment Image
Recruitment Image

Does the perfect recruitment strategy exist?

Passive job seekers are considered to be the best. Even the best employer, branding, and digital outreach do not guarantee to reach out to the best candidates. Having a recruiting partner who understands your company product, growth model, and the value proposition goes a long way in engaging passive job seekers.

I Want to Hire Talent

I Want to Get Hired

Proprietary Programs

Finclude enables its customers to choose from long-term, medium, or short-term capacity-building programs.

Full-time employee

The FTE hiring program supports employers for the long-term in sourcing fresh hires, replacing hires, or building new product teams from the ground up. Our focus is on building teams that are well equipped with all the necessary tools to succeed in the fintech sector. For startups and locally operating businesses, appropriately constructed onsite teams can go the extra mile with long-term cohesion and the ability to survive tough market conditions.

Employer on record

Employer on Record (EOR) services is a mid-term solution for international fintech companies building off-shore teams without worrying about in-country recruitment laws, local taxation, benefits, and other local benefits or regulatory filings. Finclude handles the entire team administration, contracts, and benefits. The team works onsite/offsite per company policy with administrative management by Finclude.

Talent as a service

Talent as a Service is a short-term solution that activates staff augmentation roles in which highly skilled resources are engaged from 4 to 16 weeks. These short-term assignments arise when employers face unexpected scenarios, changes in product timelines, or resource crunch situations. Finclude assigns highly skilled staff to jump-start the engagement and ensures that the employer’s timelines are the top priority.

Startup vice

Startup Vice

Our early-stage ideation and business modeling program help validate the delivery capability of the original idea with relevant market data and a valuation model. The program helps assemble a team of early believers and investors to bring the idea to life.

Our StartUp Vice program has been helping international fintech companies and digital startups address industry-specific challenges to scope the market readiness for their products and services.

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ScaleUp Vice

This proprietary framework accurately assesses the risk and reward equation for new startup ideas in the digital ecosystem. Startups collaborating with Finclude are exposed to the best-suited, professionally adaptable go-to-market strategy.

Our objective is to de-risk your market engagement and help you scale effectively.Finclude has the experience of working with multiple fintech companies in Asia, Africa, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and understands emerging market dynamics. We will connect you with the right industry contacts and help establish market links for lateral expansion and vertical growth.

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