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Our services aim to fast-track your journey to success. We follow global talent acquisition and retention standards that will help you receive recognition in the fintech ecosystem and upscale your business internationally.

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Staffing and Retention

We assist several fintech startups, banks, and digital transformation companies in locating the top talent for engineering, business, and risk functions. We achieve this by conducting technical and psychometric assessments to find the…

Career Navigation Training

Career Navigation & Training

Our training solutions are designed for employers and employees to develop their capabilities to deliver in the fintech ecosystem. We specialize in training programs for Compliance, Product Management, and marketing of financial services by assessing…


Story Boarding

Fintech is regarded as a closed ecosystem because it is a highly regulated industry with many apparent barriers to entry. Young entrepreneurs frequently lack the market knowledge required to create a compelling pitch. Building a successful fintech company…

Grant Proposal Writing

Grant Proposal Writing

The Finclude team works hand-in-hand with fintech entrepreneurs to position their companies for impact capital and validate market assumptions by providing effective and efficient Product-Market-Fit and Market Connectivity consultation services…

Bespoke Consulting

Bespoke Consulting

Finclude’s recruitment specialists regularly engage with senior fintech talent and are specialized in the following verticals: Product Management, Sales & Marketing, DevOps and Engineering, Risk and Compliance, and Finance and Operations…

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