Career Navigation & Training

Career Navigation and Training

Our Career navigation programs are designed with  keeping employers and employees in mind. We develop their capabilities individually and collectively to deliver in the fintech ecosystem. We train engineering talent with internationally relevant fintech coursework to contribute to the global fintech workforce.

Finclude has a specialist program for professionals who want to build careers in digital financial services startups. We help young graduates who wish to start their career in fintech with an orientation about the Digital Financial Services Industry in a group session. Finclude aims to develop in their clients a rich understanding of what fintech is and the radical impact it will have on the future of financial systems. We also upskill our clients to thrive and advance in the rapidly-changing world of fintech by practicing the practical approaches to driving or adapting to change and building your professional networks.

Areas of Competence for Training

Finlude has embarked on the journey to build the capacity of the fintech ecosystem. The modern-day digital banking professionals are delivering competencies that are beyond engineering as well. Our customized training programs target the CAMPUS areas of competency in the digital banking workforce: Compliance, Analytics, Marketing, Payments, User Experience, and Security.

1. Digital Banking Apprentice Program – For Freshers

The Digital Banking Apprentice program is an 80-hour blended learning program helping young graduates with an affinity for technology to build their competency in delivering value in the fintech ecosystem. Finclude continuously delivers bi-monthly webinars to orient the Fresh candidates about the program. To review the calendar and book your space for the upcoming webinars please visit

2. Digital Banking Associate – For Upskilling Professionals

Our 8-week intensive program exposes engineers and marketing professionals to financial services innovation opportunities. 



The individual session is a one-one 45-minute session conducted online with our trained recruiters providing you with career consulting and employment possibilities in the fintech area.


Active Job Seekers

Active Jobseekers can schedule a paid one-on-one session with our trained recruiters in confidence for advice on the timing and compensation benchmarking. If you want to transition from an on-premise job to a remote position, or move to a new city, you can bring your queries to us. Let us know your requirements and we would be able to help you make the best decisions with your existing resources.


Passive Job Seekers

Our recruiters can set up one-on-one sessions for passive job seekers who do not want to announce the urge to change a job in its premature stages. During such sessions, we discuss your career path and market opportunities, as well as assist you in positioning yourself with the right employer. Benchmarking your compensation from an industry standpoint can also be beneficial while maintaining complete privacy and anonymity. To schedule this paid service, please fill out the form below.

Industry Transition

Industry Transition

Let us know if you think you have been stuck in your industry and would consider a move into Digital Financial Services. Even if you are looking to change your area of competence with the financial services sector and need assistance in career transition, schedule a one-on-one session with our career advisor. To reserve your space, complete the form below.



If you have been building your career outside of Pakistan for a long time and now want to return to explore your options, our recruiters can schedule a paid personalized session with you. Whether you’re searching for a Co-founder to help you launch a new digital business, or looking to build a team from scratch, with our network of C-suite and exec-level talent we can set you up with right resources and stake holders.


Non-fintech talent needs major hand-holding to understand prevalent banking systems, learn the banking processes and deliver the fintech promise of speed. 

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Upskilling the non-fintech talent to join the fintech global workforce.

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