Grant Proposal Writing

Grant Proposal

Digital financial services are about expanding services to reach previously untapped markets or simplifying the journey for existing customers. Funding support is critical to help early-stage fintech innovators achieve quick proof of concept for their innovative ideas. However, the number of startups applying for grants grows yearly. Finclude provides comprehensive grant proposal writing support and RFP documentation checklists, taking a hands-on approach to helping early-stage innovators develop their grant applications. 

A diverse panel of experts, ranging from exec-level professionals with extensive technical backgrounds to seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders, carefully review each application before providing detailed feedback and guidance.

Raising capital from international donors, grants, and impact funds is a far more effective tool for field trials and validating the go-to-market strategy. The Finclude team assists entrepreneurs in validating the market assumptions using patient capital, grant programs, and other impact funding opportunities. Finclude structures proposals that include the clients’ goals, the markets’ demands, and the investors’ painpoints. Our goal is to simplify problems and overcome hurdles in the adoption of the best suited fintech practices that offer the highest level of difficulty.

As our client, your company’s ability to attract and utilize capital will determine your market share and overall success. Your advisors, sponsors, and promoters also measure your “relevance to the marketplace” based on how well you pitch. We present candidates with equal grit, drive, comprehensive technical knowledge, market researched data to strengthen the pitch.


Conventional recruiters neither understand the candidate competencies nor have an understanding of the fintech communities.

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Better talent engagement and understanding of their career aspirations.

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