Bespoke Consulting

Bespoke Consulting

Finclude provides a unique experience with turnkey regulatory approvals for fintech services in South Asian countries and worldwide. We start our process by understanding the current regulatory environment and policy framework to determine whether the plan fits the financial services and telecommunications regulations. 

Our method for fintech specialized consultation can be broken down into the following steps in order:

  1. Gathering information about the problem and the pain points from our client.
  2. Diagnosis, which may require a reassessment of the situation.
  3. Assisting with the implementation of recommended solutions to the problem.
  4. Developing consensus and commitment for the necessary corrective action.
  5. Facilitating client learning for the resolution of similar issues in the future.
  6. Permanently improving business effectiveness for future independence.

We design coherent end-to-end strategies that can fulfill our client’s requirements and are ready to be rolled out as a successful digital financial services business. The process needs to encompass regulatory compliance through clearly defined metrics to help the company with smooth financial operations. 

Once the regulatory implications are understood, we develop a strategic plan by assessing the potential customer base, market demand for types of services, existing and potential competitors, partnerships, and ecosystem development. Based on the environmental factors and stakeholder mapping, we help develop specific propositions that are commercially viable. 

The proposition definition also provides the basis for the functional and non-functional technical requirements. The requirements are subsequently rolled into a more comprehensive funding and business plan that includes capital and operating costs. The plan helps clarify budgetary requirements and constraints, including strategic and tactical assumptions.

Bespoke Consulting

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