Storyboarding is a tool that analysts and consultants have picked up from movie makers. It allows us to see the bigger picture of business problems. The bigger picture is then broken down smaller manageable sections to focus on one section at a time. This easily helps Finclude identify which area needs more research, analysis, and depth. 

When showcasing a business plan, storyboarding allows Finclude to enrich the audience’s knowledge of our client’s business, piece by piece and section by section. A good story can get right to the heart of the matter. You may even discover that startup storyboarding before writing your business plan will help you make the business plan very convincing. It is important to keep the story simple, break the story into organized scenes, and present horizontal and vertical analysis throughout to cover detailed aspects of a well developed narrative.

Fintech is considered a secluded space because of the highly regulated industry and the technical barriers to entry. There is an ever-increasing demand for fintech talent with unprecedented growth in the fintech sector, new business models, and market linkages. Storyboarding is the potent tool that most startups lack and consequently struggle to get their message across. Finclude offers unique Storyboarding services based on comprehensive, data and market research-led knowledge that is far more impactful than lengthy presentations.

Young entrepreneurs typically lack the market insights to build a persuasive pitch. Powerful storyboarding is the key to building a successful fintech. Be it investors, regulator partners, or customers, an impact story is where it begins. Finclude, with its team of hands-on practitioners, can convert dreams into plausible narratives. Understanding the needs of different ecosystems in the developing markets worldwide helps us communicate the opportunity that would make it relevant to investors, regulators, and partners.

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