Taking it personal to build financial products with Mobile Connect

Telecom operators get ready to share the personal identity data with the 3rd parties and help personalize products ….

I wrote “Personalization” in a 72 font on a sticky note and put it up on my desk earlier this year. This was to constantly remind me of my communication and work engagement preferences. Data defines our personalization capability. For someone I know and have interacted with earlier (#LinkedIn is a great support with 3535 contacts to date and growing 🙂 is easier for I can have a digital or mental trail with him or her. What about a new engagement for which i don’t have a previous data trail ? Can someone share their engagement and credentials has always been a question?.

Similar is the thought when we source new customers for our product or service especially for a digital engagement. Can you have the basic silhouette of the customer before you start your engagement? With 120+ million biometrically verified mobile subscribers in the country, the biggest source of customer data after national id registrar – Nadra is telecom operator data. I drooled long for the data to be available to utilize it for our products with options for demographic, location, usage, activity data.

Good news. The next wave of personalization is here… the mobile operators have federated a decision to share the customer data with 3rd parties under the GSMA global initiative of MobileConnect. Under the program the select attributes of the customer data would be available to be shared with 3rd parties. I know the watchdogs are giving me that look!!! Yes this is only with customer prior consent identifying the requesting party, purpose and individually for each request.

We jumped on the opportunity and established TPS Worldwide as the first Pakistani global sales service partner for GSMA to build new usecases for the financial services last year.

Its my pleasure to confirm that our first solution utilizing Mobile Connect is ready to be taken to market. DigiCheQ is a cardless remittance solution enabling customers to send money to a verified mobile number and the beneficiary will be able to collect the funds from the ATM.

This post is the series of 3-4 posts where I will introduce the product and the future roadmap of the solution. Keep watching!

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